Rewards and Promotions

Online Frequent Player Programs

In order to reward frequent players, online frequent player programs (also called rewards programs) are offered. Online rewards programs are internet casinos’ version of the comp programs that land-based casinos offer. Gamblers earn frequent player points based on their play in online rewards programs, and can exchange the points for various bonuses. Frequent player programs are very popular at online bitcoin casinos, poker rooms, bingo websites, and sports betting sites. Some of the common bonuses offered through online loyalty programs include the following:

Free Play

Most online gambling websites allow players to exchange comp points for free play. In the case of an online bitcoin casino, players would exchange their points for a free blackjack bet, roulette bet, etc. In the instance of bitcoin poker room, players can enter a tournament using their points instead of money.


Bitcoin casino websites allow bettors to trade in frequent player points for BTC. A large amount of points are required in proportion to the amount of money during the exchange.

Bitcoin Casino Promotions

Bitcoin casino websites frequently run promotions to entice new players to sign up for their services. Some promotions are longstanding deals that may last for years while others are short-term promotions that last for one month or less. The type of promotions an internet gambling site runs depends on the site and the games they offer. Below are some of the common promotions offered at online BTC gambling sites.

Signup Bonus

A signup bonus (also called deposit bonus) is a deal that internet gambling companies offer to draw players to their website. Money is normally used as the bonus offer in a signup bonus. The size of a signup bonus differs depending on what company is offering the bonus as well as how much money a person initially deposits. In most cases, the bitcoin signup bonus is not awarded right away and players must earn it through their play. However, no-deposit casinos differ because they give players free bitcoins upfront; the catch is that players can’t cash this BTC out until they meet wagering requirements.

Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses allow players to earn extra bitcoins on deposits made after the initial deposit. Reload bonuses are very popular at online casinos, internet bingo sites, and online poker rooms. Reload bonus sizes vary based on the site offering the bonus and how much money a person deposits. For example, if the reload bonus offer is 50% up to 0.3 BTC, a person could potentially earn up to 0.15 BTC on a 0.3 BTC deposit. Reload bonus money must be earned through play.

Leaderboard Races

Leaderboard races offer bettors the chance to compete for prizes given out to the top players on a leaderboard. Frequent player points are used to determine a person’s ranking on the leaderboard. Players are given a timeframe for how long they have to accumulate frequent player points, and the timeframe varies from one month to one year. Prizes will be awarded to designated spots on the leaderboard after the race is over.