Bitcoin Poker

bitcoin pokerBitcoin poker gives people the opportunity to play various poker games over the internet. Some of the common games offered in online bitcoin poker include Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Seven Card Stud, Razz, and H.O.R.S.E. Several other poker games and variations are offered with bitcoins too.

Online poker differs from other forms of online gambling in that people are competing against each other rather than against the house (provider of the gambling services). Because of this fact, bitcoin poker is considered to be a game of skill by many experts because skilled players can consistently make profits over time.

The house makes their profits by taking rake from both tournaments and cash games. Normally, 5% is taken in rake from cash game pots while 10% is raked from each tournament fee. However, these numbers are subject to change depending on the provider and the size of the game/tournament.

Some bitcoin casinos run poker rooms as part of their operation while other btc poker sites are independent operations. SealsWithCLubs and BetcoinPoker are two examples of large independent rooms. Other poker rooms operate through a network of sites.

Bitcoin BlackJack

Learning the game of blackjack is actually fairly simple. The basic rules are straightforward; a player needs to achieve a hand value closer to 21 than the dealer without going over 21. Blackjack is a game where a player is only competing directly with the dealer, even though there may be other players at a table.

To start the game, you’ll need to select a table. It is important to look at the signs that state the table’s minimum and maximum bitcoin betting limits. If you’ve only got 0.4 BTC to play with, don’t start off a table with a 0.2 BTC minimum bet. If you’re a novice, you should try and a find a ‘shoe table’. A shoe is a card dispenser that casinos use to make dealing cards from five or six decks easier. At a shoe table, all of the player cards are dealt face up and this gives you the opportunity to see the decisions other players are making.

Bitcoin blackjack game with live dealer

Once you select a table, you’ll need to buy chips. If you’re playing at an online bitcoin casino, you’ll already have credit and can start playing as soon as the next round starts. Online casinos are also a great feature for players who like to be alone at a table. Most btc casino blackjack tables are extremely crowded, especially the lower limit tables. You’ve got your table and your chips – Now you’re ready to start playing and win, or lose…BTC!

Blackjack’s popularity has to do with its simple game rules and the fact that it is a beatable casino game. A beatable casino game is one in which a player can win over the house in the long run. Most bitcoin casino games are not beatable in the long run. Blackjack is also a fast game, although the amount of time per game varies depending on the amount of players at a table. Remember that you can always play with bitcoins at an online casino before venturing out into the world of land-based casino blackjack.

Bitcoin slots

Play online slots at a Bitcoin casino and experience the best slot action found on the web. Playing bitcoin slots online has never been this easy – or simple. With bitcoin-Casino’s extremly fast registration, instant deposits, no download slots games; players can enjoy the most popular game on the web with no hassles or distractions.

Play online slots for bitcoins or for free

The bitcoin online slots action doesn’t stop there, either. With the no download quick play and downloadable software versions at bitcoin casino, players can choose to play for real or for free. There are more than twenty slot machine games to select from, as well. Whether you’re looking for a classic slot machine game or the latest 3D slot feature, you’ll find it at Online Casino accepting bitcoins.

Learning to play online slots is exactly the same as learning how to play land based casino slot games. Except with online slots, players have the choice of playing for free to become familiar with the games.

The variety and choices of online slot games has exceeded even the multitude of actual slot machine games. There are thousands of online casinos on the web today with, literally, millions of slot games to choose from. Instead of jumping in head first, Bitcoin Casino’s no download versions allows players to check out the software and games before downloading the software and playing with real money. How to Play Online BTC Slots? Like their land-based predecessors, online slots may come in all shapes and sizes but the mechanism behind the machine is the same. The online slot games will show the winning combinations for each game, along with the associated BTC payouts, which makes learning the game very easy. Once you know the different slot game versions, the most difficult decision is choosing which game to play first.

Bitcoin Bingo


The internet’s version of bingo is known as online bingo. The notable difference between online bingo and its land-based counterpart is that online bingo games use a random number generator to create winning number combinations. This differs from land-based bingo because parlors and halls use physical balls, machines, and callers (person who calls out numbers from the machine) to create winning number combinations.

Another big difference in online bingo is the chat option featured in most games. Since players are not playing alongside other people, online bingo rooms offer a chat box so players can type messages to each other.

Most online bitcoin bingo games revolve around some variation of 75-ball or 90-ball bingo. But there are some rooms that allow people to play more obscure games such as 80-ball bingo.

Bitcoin Sports Betting

bitcoin sports bettingOnline bitcoin sports betting enables people to place wagers on sporting contests and other events over the internet. Many online bitcoin casinos run sports betting operations while there are also plenty of independent sportsbooks (also called bookmakers). The majority of bets offered at online sportsbooks include fixed-odds bets where players wager against the odds offered by the bookmaker.

Sporting contests are the most common event people bet on at sportsbooks, but there are also lots of other events featured at online sportsbooks. Politics, TV shows, weather, and celebrities are some of the other things you can bet with BTC on at sportsbooks.

Bitcoin Skill Games

Online skill games with bitcoins are considered any game where the most skilled players will win in the end. People can play for prizes and/or bet on different internet skill games such as poker, chess, backgammon, online pool, various single player games, and trivia contests. Different formats for online skill games include people playing head-to-head, tournaments, and people playing against the software.

Not all online skill games that offer prizes require a person to bet their own bitcoin. Some bit-websites allow visitors to play free games and collect points that can be exchanged for prizes. Other bitcoin skill games enable players to risk their own money in hopes of earning a profit.

The legality of betting on skill games has sparked debates in countries around the world. Wagering on skill games has been banned or restricted in some nations while other countries recognize gambling on internet skill games as an acceptable activity. However, you can bet anonymously with bitcoins, from anywhere in the world.